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Welcome to the App Factory!

College App App is a FREE college application essay factory for divergent thinkers like me who struggle with sticking to an essay structure.

This site will guide you through the entire process of writing college application paragraphs and essays in easy-to-swallow chunks. No hassle... No stress... No intense periods of self-loathing followed by binge chocolate-eating...

All you have to do to create a free account is click the magic "Sign Me Up" button below. Don't worry... I'm not a spammer; I'm a high school senior with much better things to do than send total strangers email. I'm just using your email address as your unique login.

NOTE:  The site is in development right now. I started working on a general-purpose widget to allow me to create and edit a complex graph of general purpose nodes for each step in a non-linear feed forward and feedbackward process, but that's going to take a lot more time than I have at the moment since my drama director decided to insert an extra production before our spring musical. You can see the plans for the widget here:  design.

Right now I'm focusing on creating a mockup using standard form elements and a simple database.